Not one of the theatrical genres can not so convey the feelings of a person, the smallest changes in the soul and mood of people as dramaturgy.

It is her appearance in the art of Kazakhstan that we are obliged to Gabit Musrepov (1902-1985). Writer, translator, critic and playwright, he gave the world plays "Amangeldy", "Kozy-Korpesh and Bayan-Sulu", libretto of the opera "Kyz-Zhibek", which took an important place in the repertoire of Kazakh theaters. His epic works "Soldiers from Kazakhstan", "Awakened Land" glorify the heroism of the people, not hiding the hardships of life of the war years. He will remain forever in the heart and memory of the Kazakh people, living in works that have become classics of Kazakh literature. Many generations of Kazakhs studied patriotism on the example of the heroes of his immortal tales. Dramaturgical works by Gabit Musrepov were embodied on the stage of the State Academic Theater for Children and Youth named in his honor. The monument in his honor was opened on November 12, 2002 at the address: ul. Abylai Khan, 38. Sculptor Satybaldin K. and architect Katsev V., immortalizing the poet in bronze, conveyed the inspired state of the playwright who freely laid his hands on the tribune in the form of a stylized Ionic capitol. The bust is put on a tetrahedral pedestal made of pink granite and rests on a low three-step stylobate with inclined faces.