Abylai (1711-1781) - the great Khan of the Kazakh Khanate.

The wisdom and justice of Abylai Khan gained deep respect among the people. Being himself a courageous warrior, during the Battle of Anrakay he struck in the combat of the Dzhungar batyr Sharysh. A victorious military leader, a visionary politician, he united the lands of the Kazakh Khanate in a single state in the 18th century and preserved his independence, repulsing the attacks of external enemies. Monument to Abylai Khan is installed on the station square in front of the entrance to the Almaty-2 station building on December 16, 2000. Baimagambetov S., sculptor - Satybaldin K., architects - T. Yeraliev, B. Baimagambetov, V. Sidorov, S.M., designer M. Erkenev, were the head of the group of authors, Volkov A. was engaged in founding works. The personality of Abylai Khan is immortalized in bronze, his face is dynamic and emotional. Khan sits on a horse, in richly decorated clothes and combat equipment. With a powerful movement of the baton in his right hand, he calls to move only forward. The monument is set on a high granite pedestal, emphasizing the status of Abylai Khan, his power and greatness. The monument is one of the brightest examples of monumental art in Almaty.