The high-mountain sports complex Medeu is a world-famous sports complex located near the city of Almaty at an altitude of 1691 meters above sea level, not reaching the Ski Resort Shymbulak.

This breathtaking mountain valley was named after the nomad Medeu, who lived in this picturesque area in the last century and did much for his homeland and the city of Verny (later the city of Almaty).
The construction of the sports complex began in the autumn of 1949. The first competitions took place here on February 4, 1951. Medeu was transferred to the currently used artificial ice system in 1972 by a team of Soviet engineers. The area of the ice rink is 10.5 thousand square meters, which makes it possible to hold competitions in speed skating, ice hockey and figure skating. Clean mountain air, sun, water without salt and other impurities used for pouring ice, provided extremely high results. About 273 world records were set here. In the podtribunnyh premises of the stadium there is a wardrobe, a buffet, a hotel, a sports hall, a polyclinic, a Finnish bath, rental and sharpening points for skates, and rooms for judges, journalists, etc.

The mild climate of the gorge, the optimal level of solar radiation, low atmospheric pressure, a gentle breeze and clean glacial waters - all this provided Medeu great popularity. You can admire the beauty of a high-mountain skating rink from the high point to which you will be lifted by the famous climbing staircase, built on the slope of Mount Mohnatka, on the side resembling a slope covered with thick trees, from where it got its name. At the beginning of the last century, a monastery grotto was located here.
To this day, pilgrims come here and hold divine services. Skating on weekends has been a good tradition for many years not only for residents, but also for the guests of Almaty. Every year between October and May, the skating rink is open for mass skating and is used as a training base for Kazakhstani athletes. At night, all comers can enjoy the music and the view of the stadium lights, sitting in the stands or skating on the ice. Medeu retains its status as one of the most famous tourist destinations in Kazakhstan.
The sports complex, often called the "record factory", is a monument of architecture and city planning of national importance. He hospitably meets everyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of the highest mountain sports complex in the world.