Abai Avenue, 50

July 24, 1970 the Kazakh circus was born. And on June 10, 1972, the official opening of the circus building in Almaty took place.

The roof-tent and a hall for 2160 seats. Most of all, this building resembles a Kazakh yurt. At the same time, the Almaty circus was built in such a way that spectators, animals, and artists feel themselves comfortable here.
At the exit from the hall in the foyer, many buffets, dressing rooms, toilet rooms (including those with disabilities) were placed. So there is no congestion during intermissions.
In the repertoire of the circus collective, national motives are also vividly reflected. Programs "Tabunschiki-dzhigits", "Horse suite", "Kyz kuu", "Land of Wonders" and many others deservedly received spectatorial applause. Currently, circus performers from Almaty know and are enthusiastically welcomed around the world. The Almaty Circus also welcomes circus troupes from various countries of the world.
The 45th anniversary of the beloved circus in Almaty was widely and brightly marked in the summer of 2015. On the streets of the southern capital held a carnival procession - with clowns, gymnasts, jugglers and, of course, famous for the whole world by Kazakh jigits-riders. For the audience, the national troupe prepared a grandiose show "13 Wonders".