On May 15, 2007, the grand opening of the bench "The Beatles" was held on Mount Kok-Tobe.

This is the first and so far the only monument to the legendary Liverpool four in full line: John Lennon with a guitar sits on a bench, followed by Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. A distinctive feature of the monument is full compliance with the original both externally and with frenzied energy emanating from them. The author of the project was the famous Kazakh sculptor Eduard Ghazaryan. Discussions regarding the choice of the location of the monument lasted a very long time. However, the choice of Mount Kok-Tobe as such a place has never raised doubts: a remarkable panorama of the whole city of Almaty opens behind the monument. To this significant event admirers of the creativity of the great "The Beatles" went for more than 10 years. The idea of erecting a sculpture in the city of Almaty once rallied a group of enthusiasts, Beatles, who immediately set about the embodiment of their noble dream. Before installing the monument, an agreement was obtained from Paul McCartney. Although he himself came to the opening of the sculpture could not - instructed to participate in the installation of his friend. The city of Almaty was included in the list of rare cities in which monuments to John Lennon are established. Today, the Beatles, the idols of generations, are hanging over the city, and when twilight comes, beneath, behind them, hundreds of lights of the night city, forever in love with their songs, are lit.