Auezov House-Museum (Scientific and Cultural Center "Auezov's House")

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10:00 - 17:00

On Tulebayev street, below Abay avenue, on a small plot with a garden fenced with cast-iron lattice, there is a cozy, two-story house of architecture unusual for our city. It is in this building, built according to the individual project of the architect G. Gerasimov, is the museum of the classic of Kazakh literature, the honored worker of science of the Kazakh SSR, Mukhtar Omarhanovich Auezov (1897-1961).

The top of his work was a book for all time, a novel-epic "The Way of Abai", completed in the house along Tulebaev Street, 185, in which the writer lived from 1951 to 1961. In 11 rooms of the museum there is a detailed exposition devoted to the life and creative path of Auezov. The collection contains valuable manuscripts, rare photographs, archival documents, personal belongings of Mukhtar Omarhanovich, more than 72 thousand exhibits that have become the national treasure of Kazakhstan, a symbol of the spiritual culture of the nation. The building attracts attention with its quaint stepped facade, the decorative treatment of which gives the building a picturesque view. The laconicity of the courtyard facade is animated by a light veranda with graceful columns and carved details made in the national style. A special expressiveness is attached to the building by the color solution of the facades.