The history of the Kazakh Khanate is inextricably linked with the institution of the neighborhood, where the biys are people's judges, about whom Adolf Yanushkevich, a contemporary of Abai, wrote "judges of incorruptible honor."

The personification of the highest wisdom of Kazakhstan was Tole bi, Kazybek bi, Aiteke bi. In 1994, the Kazakh State Law Institute of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan (KazGYUI) was established, which in 2000 was transformed into an academy. The main task of the Academy was the training of law specialists. On the square in front of the university was created an architectural ensemble of modern times. Extremely attractive in terms of its artistic and imaginative and spatial parameters is the exhibition area, the logical accent of which is the central sculpture of Themis, made in bronze, sitting on a granite pedestal, holding a book and a scales in its hands. All its appearance symbolizes justice. It is surrounded by elegant Doric columns of white marble, which embody the image of the student brotherhood. Combining modern and classical elements, the ensemble's appearance visually sated the most important city junction, at the intersection of Abai Ave. and ul. Zhandosov's. The composition was opened on May 18, 2001, its authors are the sculptor M. Mansurov, the designer V. Menchenko, the architect O. Balykbaev.