Turgen waterfalls

Delight in the beauty of nature

One of the most beautiful places of Zailiisky Alatau is located in the depths of the Turgen gorge, 30 km from the city of Almaty. The Turgen River flows through the gorge, which is famous for its clean fresh water and an abundance of pleasant landscapes around it. Fresh air, the smell of fir trees and mountain herbs, a stunning waterfall - this trip will leave you with a lot of pleasant impressions.

Way to the waterfall

During the tour we will visit the largest waterfall of the gorge - Bear, whose height reaches 50 meters. It’s a walking path to the waterfall, but the road is not difficult and takes only about half an hour. Along the way, awesome views and run-ins with interesting representatives of the local flora and fauna await you. Do not forget to take hats and warm clothes - the weather in the mountains is famous for its diversity.

The enrichment of new knowledge

In addition to the waterfall and the gorge, our tour has a rich cultural program. You will visit the most respectable historical monuments - Sak kurgans dating back to 5-6 century BC. In one of these mounds, they found the famous Golden Man, whose monument you can also see during a special stop.


  • Трекинговая обувь
  • Головной убор по сезону


  • Запаситесь водой не менее 2 л
  • Не забудьте вязть с собой перекус в дорогу
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