Tamgaly Tas and Ungurtas

Places with high energy

On this tour you can visit two amazing places of the Almaty region: a unique, from a historical point of view, monument of rock art called Tamgaly Tas and magical places of power in the village of Ungurtas, where thousands of people from all over the world go on pilgrimage. Each of the places has its own enlightened atmosphere and helps in the fulfillment of desires.

Tamgaly Tas

This mountain tract is a famous monument that has preserved ancient rock paintings – petroglyphs - in itself. Their origin dates back to the age of more than 2000 BC. Also, found rock carvings of buddhas suggest that this place was once a temple of Buddhist culture. In addition, you can find inscriptions left by ancient Kipchaks on the rocks.


100 km from the city of Almaty, there is an amazing place - the Ungurtas village. It seems to be an ordinary aul, but for people who believe in energy there is no doubt - there is a huge energy portal, the flow of space energy with a diameter of 8 meters. People come here to be healed, to make wishes or simply to recharge themselves with special positive energy.



  • Trekking boots or sneakers


  • Bring at least 2 liters of water with you
  • Some snacks to eat
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