Night Charyn

Legends coming to life

You will not see such landscapes anywhere on the planet except for the American state of Colorado. And at night it will seem to you that ancient Indian or Sakian legends come to life around you, the spirits of these places come out of their shelters, and the Keeper of Mountains himself is watching you from behind the nearest rock. The mysterious atmosphere will touch the very depths of your soul.

Infinite star surface

And, of course, the stars. You will not see that in the city - millions of small dots draw charming patterns in the sky, and the soft moonlight that floods the canyon draws outlines different from those you see during the day. Mysterious shadows take on a special depth and seem to change their shape at the slightest breeze of the wind. But it does not cause fear - only an infinite desire to admire.

Campfire gatherings

Dinner by the campfire is a special part of the program. The glowing reflections are scattered all over the faces of tourists, tracing everyone’s special beauty. If someone takes a guitar with them, a fairy tale is born - the same one that is shown in nostalgic films or that fashion photographers shoot on film cameras. It's hard to describe - just try to experience it with us.

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