Kolsai Lake and Kaindy

In search of spiritual harmony

This tour is popular not only with the guests of the city, but also with Almaty residents themselves. Break free for a couple of days in the quiet silence of nature, enjoy the tranquility and harmony of beautiful lakes, pick mushrooms and berries, walk between the age-old pines and inhale the pure mountain air saturated with the scent of herbs and color. These feelings are beyond words.

Three pearls of Kungei Alatau

Kolsai lakes are located in the gorge of the same name in the Kungei-Alatau Mountains. Three lakes are located at an altitude of 1000, 2250 and 2700 meters above sea level. You will live in a small village Satu near the first of the lakes. In the afternoon you will be able to walk to the upper lakes: it will take you about 3 hours to reach the second, the largest lake, and the road to the third lake will take another 3 hours. A lot of mushrooms and strawberries grow in the surroundings, and trout live in the reservoirs themselves.

Mysterious Kaindy Lake

Kaindy Lake stands out in the program – it’s mystical and mysterious. Its temperature does not exceed 6 degrees even in the hottest time of the year. Petrified tree trunks rise from its surface, creating an enchanting atmosphere of a real fairy forest. This lake is the result of a large earthquake that occurred in the area about a century ago.
Tour includes:
  • Guide services (including interpreter)
  • Transfer from hotel or meet point, guide services (including interpreter)
  • Lunch (hot meal, sandwiches, hot tea)
  • Professional photography, shooting from a drone (short video) - optional


  • The tour duration is 2 days, so we advise you to bring extra clothes to change.
  • Trekking boots or sneakers
  • Raincoat


  • You will live in homes of local residents, so don’t forget your personal hygiene items.
  • The water in river is very cold, we don't recommend to swim
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