Kok Zhailyau

Unique location

The tract is located between the Great and Small Almaty gorges at an altitude of about 1500 meters above sea level. It is located just 10 kilometers from the city under the Kumbel peak, with a stunning view of the city, Chymbulak, Medeo and the mountain peaks of the surrounding gorges. The place is popular among tourists and citizens, including those who enjoy cycling and horse riding. The route is considered easy and suitable even for unprepared travelers.

Red book animals

The nature of Kok Zhailau and Ile-Alatau Park is unique. Here you can meet plants and animals in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, including snow leopard and golden eagle, Turkestan lynx, Indian porcupine or stone marten. From non-endangered animals, you may be lucky to see foxes, roe deer, red deer, shrew or squirrel.

Herb picking in the mountains

Plants in this region are no less unique. Here you can find the rare apple Sivers, the ancestor of many modern varieties of apples. In addition, you can collect oregano, Ivan-tea, saffron, elecampane and make delicious herbal tea, which you can brew right there, on bonfire. Relict Tien Shan spruce and Shrenk spruce also grow here.



  • Comfortable boots or sneakers


  • Bring at least 2 liters of water with you
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