New type of travel

Gastro-tourism is a popular form of travel, with fans in any part of the world. How can you say no there are so many amazing dishes around? Especially in the city of Almaty, where at every corner you will find cafes and restaurants of different national and colorful themes. Family- and youth-oriented, diet and high-calorie, vegetarian or completely meat-based... Everyone will find something suitable for their tastes.

The best places in the city

Almaty residents love to eat tasty food and never deny themselves this pleasure. Even if you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day in different places without returning to the same place twice, still even a year won’t be enough to check out all of the places in the southern capital. In our tour, we chose the best places, specializing in Eastern, European and Central Asian cuisine.

Master class of Kazakh cuisine

But trying the cuisine of different nations is not all we’ve got for you! As part of our gastronomic tour, you will attend a master class on making one of the favorite national Kazakh dishes. So not only will you take vivid emotional and taste impressions home, but also practical skills to surprise your friends and acquaintances with. Enjoy your meal!

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