Almaty sightseeing tour

Special urban atmosphere

You will not find a city like Almaty anywhere in the world. Our southern capital is unique precisely because of its combinations: majestic mountains and glassy skyscrapers, gorgeous wide avenues of the upper part of the city and the nostalgic warmth of the downtown... Almaty is unique because of its people – it has more than 100 nationalities, professions, cultural traditions. You will be surprised at how the city changes depending on the area and yet people don’t, maintaining the hospitality of a real Almaty citizen everywhere they go.

Historically significant places

The first part of the tour includes “historical places” important from the point of view of the formation of the city and because of the cultural value of these places: 28 Panfilov Park, the Ascension Cathedral, the Eternal Flame and the Memorial of Glory, and the Old Square. You will visit the main square of the whole Kazakhstan - the Republic Square, where you can discover the Independence Monument and learn many new and interesting things about the history of our country.

The life of modern residents

The second part will be visiting the “modern” city: favorite places of the capital residents. You will visit the shopping, cultural and sports center of the city. Carefully look around, because you will pass the main city avenues: Abay, Abylayhan and Nazarbayev. And you will have the opportunity to walk along our favorite pedestrian streets - Arbat and Panfilov.

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