First Kazakhstan wing suit flight over Almaty


Aerial acrobatics athlete of @redbullskydiveteamcarried out the first Kazakhstan wing suit flight over Almaty, rounding the Kok-Tobe TV tower.

Visit Almaty, head of Tourism Department @kikimov_maksat and Almaty City Council (Akimat) helped the Red Bull Skydive team to bring this unique leap into reality and solve all organizational issues.

Wingsuit - “wing costume”, or as it is also called “flying squirrel” - is a professional suit for aerial acrobatics.

The team first visited Kazakhstan in 2017. Then there was a base jump from the roof of the Nur-Sultan skyscraper.

Preparation took about one and a half months. The athletes admitted that the Kazakh nature and the unique location of Almaty, where literally hand to reach the snowy peaks - became the undoubted arguments in favor of a sports jump in Kazakhstan.

Flights took place on June 18th and 20th. The An-2 aircraft delivered the athletes to the designated release point at an altitude of about 4,000 meters, which was geographically located above the Butakovka gorge. The flight of athletes in the air was about 2 minutes. Athletes circled the Kok-Tobe TV tower, flying just 10 meters from it, at an altitude of 220m.

The athletes did not stop on the flight around Kok-Tobe and made the second jump over the Big Almaty Lake.

“I did not expect that in Kazakhstan there are such high mountains and, especially, lakes among the mountains! It is amazingly beautiful here, and we saw how many more opportunities there are for jumping. So we plan to return, ” shared Marco Furst.

Big Almaty Lake.

Wingsuits flight. Part 2. Location: Big Almaty Lake. 
Aerial acrobats of @redbullskydiveteam carried out a second flight - over the Big Almaty Lake. Athletes jumped from a height of 4,000 meters from the south-eastern side of the lake, crossed it in free flight and landed successfully. The flight took place on June 21st, 2019.

The flights were organized with the support of Visit Almaty, Almaty Akimat and the Tourism Administration of Almaty @kikimov_maksat.

Red Bull Skydive Team is an international one. Marco Waltenspiel and Marco Fuerst live and train in Austria, Daniel De La Blanca - in Spain.

“We conduct joint training every month. We train in all disciplines of skydiving, we focus on flight. It is very important to know how your team members operate in flight. After all, during free fall you cannot communicate, so you need to know everyone as well as you know yourself”, -Marco Fuerst shared the secrets of aerobatics.

Development of flights over Kok-Tobe and BAO was carried out within one and a half months. Nevertheless, until the moment of take-off at any moment the project could be canceled.

By winter, the time will come for the development of new projects, the athletes plan to return to discussing an ambitious new project in Almaty, which details have not yet been disclosed.

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