7 Peaks of Almaty: gain the spiritual strength

Almaty is a metropolis in the middle of the mountains. To see all the beauty of the city is possible only from one of the Seven Peaks that protect this place since ancient times. These peaks are the favorite routes of professional and amateur alpinists. There are very easy, and very complex trails. Shymbulachka, Octyabronok, Nursultan, Amangeldy, Abay, Molodezhniy, Yoshkar-Ola – are seven titan-custodians of Almaty.

Shymbulachka peak

3610 m
The easiest ascent, views of the surrounding peaks and Almaty

Octyabronok peak

3650 m
For experienced climbers and mountaineers, it can be seen from the Shymbulak

Nursultan peak

4376 m
Complex, intensive route, view of Almaty

Amangeldy peak

3999 m
Average complexity, view of the Bogdanovich and Tuyuksu glaciers, of Manshuk Mametova and Abay peaks

Abay peak

4010 m
A simple but long route, a peak of red granite, a view of the Bogdanovich and Tuyuksu glaciers, Shymbulak and Medeu

Molodezhniy peak

4147 m
Route with elements of ice climbing, view of Nursultan and other nearest peaks

Yoshkar-Ola peak

3950 m
Visible from the Almaty city, for beginner climbers, the route with the elements of ice climbing
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