Giuliana Caruso

Almaty is a city where foreigners or residents of other cities of Kazakhstan come, as they think, not for long, and stay here ... forever. Giuliana Caruso told us what attracted her in this beautiful foothill city.

Please tell us how did you meet your spouse?

I came to Kazakhstan in 2011 for work, I really wanted to get international experience. Not only my family, but also the guy who proposed to me remained in Italy. We dated for five years, however, I was not sure of my feelings. So, on the very first day in Almaty I went into the city with my colleague Salim. We were passing by the coffeeshop when someone called after Salim. It was Yerzhan.

How does it feel to be a Kazakh daughter-in-law

Honestly, I am not at all a traditional Kazakh kelin (daughter-in-law). I have my own opinion, which I prefer to openly express. Yerzhan also does not try to make an obedient woman out of me and does not force me to adhere to Kazakh traditions. Although I respect them very much, I treat his family with utmost respect.
We, just like the Kazakhs, honor the older generation very much. This is the biggest similarity.

How is the Italian family similar to the Kazakh family?

In the south of Italy, the cult of the family and the traditions are very strong. We do not experience problems and sufferings alone, your relatives support you, each of them accepts your pain as their own. When my cousin did not have a child for a long time, everyone was worried, my grandmother prayed every day. At that moment, when we learned that she became pregnant, it was a great celebration for all relatives. Source:
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