How to orientate in the city

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How to orientate in the city

The Almaty main feature is mountains, happen to be the southern border of the city. The mountain panorama of Zailiyskiy Ala-Tau is visible from almost every part of Almaty, therefore it’s a reliable reference point. Explaining a route, it’s common to say “go up” (to the mountains of southern direction) and “go down” (to the north), and to specify the street intersection (ex.: “go down the Furmanov to Abay”).

Attention! City maps are mainly oriented in such a way that the mountains (south) are on the top of the map.

Administratively Almaty is divided into 8 districts. It’s necessary to know this division for the correct appeal to the regional department of Migratory police, corresponding to your accommodation.

The subway is one of the city’s sights. You have to visit the subway of Almaty – one of the “youngest” world’s subways. Each station has a unique design with national colors and rich decoration.