Culture and traditions

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Culture and traditions

Suyynshi – a message of joyful news. To the one who brings the news should be presented a gift.

«Korimdik», is from word «koru» (to see, to look) – a gift for something that is seen for the first time (young bride, newborn baby, etc.). By this present the person confirms that he came with good intentions and doesn’t mean any harm.

Zhetiata – seven generations. All descendants of one old man till the seventh generation considered to be close relatives. Ancient custom requires to know seven generations of ancestors and forbids marriages inside of the clan. At present Kazakchstan people usually treat the history of the family very carefully.

Tyiym – prohibition. It is forbidden to step on a threshold, present a knife or a dog, whistle inside the house and come athwart the elder one.

Arasha – a cry that stops the dispute turning into a fight. Disobedience was strictly punished by a penalty.

Kuttybolsynaytu – a greeting. It’s an ancient custom to say “Kuttybolsyn!” at a significant event, such as the birth of a child. It’s a traditional wish of prosperity and wellbeing.

Tokymkagar – a ceremony for those who goes for a long trip. It’s necessary to kill a ram, to lay the dastarkhan (festive table) and invite guests. People sing songs at the table and wish a good trip.

Tizebugu – tobend the knee, to sit down. By this action people show the honor to the house. Coming inside of the house you take a sit, even for a moment otherwise the host could take offence.

Shashu – to bestrew. During the festal occasion (house-warming, wedding, match-making, etc) candies and money are thrown to the heroes of the occasion. Children happily gather the scattered candies. It’s believed that gathered sweets bring luck.