Park named after the first President

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Park named after the first President

The park is located in the upper part of the city of Almaty, at the intersection of Navoi and Al-Farabi avenue in Bostandyk district was opened to the public in July 2010. It is the youngest city park with an interesting layout. It is intended as the arboretum and a corresponding diversity of species of plants and interesting landscape solutions. In honor of the city of Almaty in the Olympic torch relay during the «Beijing 2008″ on its alleys were planted over a hundred registered birches and firs. Also on site is an oak, planted himself Nazarbayev in 2001.

To date, landscaping of the park continues, but it has become a place of pilgrimage for the newlyweds, there are cultural events, outdoor concerts.

Within the Park is the city’s largest fountain, is a multi-stage water theme with light and music. The main jet fountain has a diameter of 70 mm and reaches a height of 30 meters. The work program of the fountain, which manages computer isolated modes: fixed (classical) music and light water show, performed every hour with the onset of evening time of day.

Also in the park you can admire the monumental sculptural composition «Kazakhstan», on the 20th anniversary of independence. The monument is made in the form of a golden eagle in bronze, granite and marble, and the map shows the symbolic images of significant architectural and historical sites in Kazakhstan.