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A hillside of Mohnatka mount was equipped with a standard field in 1950. It gave rise to «Medeo» rink. Since 1972, the ice rink is open for public skating of Almaty citizens. From 2 to 3 thousand people may be at the same time at the ice rink ice arena. It hosted major international events: European Championship, European Cup. In addition to the competition in speed skating, the rink held USSR Championship in Bandy (Russian hockey), Ice Racing World Championship. All of these activities and the most importantly the «fastest» ice of that time brought worldwide fame. «Medeo» arena held a «Voice of Asia» contest 14 consecutive years since 1990.

Reconstruction of the ice rink was held in 2001-2002. After the reconstruction of the rink, skating competitions were held in the framework of the VIII Winter Asian Games.

Rink belongs to the category of high-altitude, because ice field is located at an altitude of 1691 m above the sea level.

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