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Kok-Tobe Mount

One of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the city is Kok-Tobe Mount, located at height of 1100 meters above sea level. The cable car connects the city center and Kok-Tobe. The starting point is the station behind «Arman» cinema. The length of the road is 1727 meters, journey time – 6 minutes. Cableway was commissioned on November 4, 1967. Nowadays, after the reconstruction, it complies with all international quality and safety standards. You can climb to Kok-Tobe on foot or on a special minibus.

It is so wonderful to look down and realize that the city is a huge creature that will remain forever in your heart. It is especially beautiful at night when the river of lights pulse with light, sparks of cars headlights are pouring into endless stream and you look at this beauty from the height and enjoy. Rise above the bustle and once again see the beauty of Almaty. To do this, just go up to the observation deck. From the top you will have a nice view of the mountains and the city. Kok-Tobe has a «Wish» fountain, in the shape of an apple, children’s playground, a climbing wall, «the Fast Coaster» attraction, a mini zoo, an art gallery and souvenir shop, teahouse, «Yurt» restaurant, Lovers’ alley, Rope Park.

A monument to the «The Beatles» rock band was opened in 2007 made by Almaty sculptor E.Kazaryan.

Any Almaty resident, who once looked toward Kok-Tobe mountain in the night, was able to observe long luminous track, smooth waves coming down almost to the foothills… This is unique «Fast Coaster» attraction – the only one downhill on a sledge on rails in Kazakhstan. Fun and magic is always here! Kok-Tobe is the country of fairy tales, adventure, joy and laughter. A whole world of childhood at the disposal of the child: funny houses, mazes, «Swans» and «Spinner» attractions, where you can come up with a story itself.

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