The Monument of Independence

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Majestic Independence Monument is set on the Republic Square. The complex is an integral work of art – a synthesis of architecture, sculpture, text sayings of prominent figures of science, culture and the state. The exposition complex is stretched horizontally by 180 meters. Centre is a 28 meters high stele. It ends with a six-meter «Golden man» stele, which standing manages the winged leopard and symbolizes the solid state power in the Kazakh land. At the foot of the stele – allegorical figure of «wise men of heaven,» «Mother Earth» and children riders symbolizing youth and the future of our great country.

There is President’s palm mark, which was put on the Constitution at the time of the oath, at the foot of the obelisk on a plaque. The monument installed by the initiative of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Republic Square (Satpaev street, Baiseitova street corner)

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