Post Office

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A building in a similar style is situated next to the building of the Academy of Arts. Guests of the city pay attention to the music clock on a tower of the corner house at Ablaykhan avenue and Bogenbay Batyr street. Now part of the building is occupied by a conservatory, but many years ago, the entire ensemble of the square was occupied by the most important buildings of the republic. One of them is Government House, another – House of connection. It was built as a part of the ensemble of government buildings in connection with the transfer of the capital of Kazakhstan from Kyzyl-Orda to Alma-Ata in 1927-31 (project authors – M. Ginsburg, F. Milinis, engineer V. Orlovsky). The architectural composition is based on the contrast between the deaf and glazed surfaces and volumes. Window openings are rectangular in shape, highly elongated horizontally, with a complex three-part binder and narrow piers. The Post Office till today houses the part of the building. In the halls, as before there are philatelists and filocartists, people still write letters on paper and in the park, like many years ago, fountain «Dandelion» gurgles.

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