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Almaty guest service offers a variety of accommodation – from luxury rooms in hotels of international class to economy.
In the southern capital has a large number of five-star hotels with a level of service that will satisfy the most demanding customers. They cater to the summits, major political and business forums, meet the stars and selibriti. Almost all five-star hotels – the new, and are in the business district.
More budget class hotels – those that were built during the Soviet Union. At a great location and sufficient infrastructure they meet three or four star.
For guests who appreciate peace, comfort, and are willing to spend the extra 15-20 minutes on the road, Almaty offers accommodation in country hotels and guest houses. It should be noted that the concept of the metropolis, “outside the city” is quite short distances, sometimes only 5-10 miles from downtown. In the category of a country inn you can find an amazingly beautiful place to live in nature, aligning it with the urban comfort. Especially the option for those who want to secure a good rest to your family or on a business trip.
Finally, the cheapest way of living – it is to rent an apartment or a room. In this case, refer not to individuals but to the agency responsible for official activities.