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KCBC “Atakent”, or the Exhibition of National Economic Achievements (ENEA) in the past, was built in 1961. There was an Exhibition of National Economic Achievements in ten halls, including exhibits of machine-building industry, agricultural machinery, building technology and scientific achievements.

The 350 meters television tower rises at the foot of the Kok-Tobe Mount. If we consider the sea level, this tower would be one of the highest in the world. Verigina Gora, or Kok-Tobe, and its surroundings were included into the first film about

Shymbulak — is a popular ski resort in Kazakhstan near Alma Ata, located on a Zailiyskiy Ala-Tau ridge, a bit higher than famous high-altitude skating rink “Medeu”. The altitude of the natural boundary Chymbulak is 2200 – 2500 m, Talgar Pass – 3200 m, the nearest peaks are: peak Shkolnik – 3800 m, peak Amangeldy – 4000 m, Abay peak – 4010 m, peak Komsomola – 4376 m, on which annually mass alpiniads are held.

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It’s one of the most beautiful places and architectural monuments in the city. There are still legends that tis building was built without a single nail. In fact, it’s not true. The design is truly unique because of the advanced technological solutions of that time, which provide greater seismic resistance of the building.

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