About the city

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Almaty is situated near the Zailiyskiy Ala-Tau on the altitude of 650-1200 meters above the sea level. The city is located in a broad valley, closed on three sides by vigorous mountains that causes the prevalence of calms and breeze. The climate in the city is extremely continental with big temperature fluctuations, not only during the year but also during the day.

Shashu – to bestrew. During the festal occasion (house-warming, wedding, match-making, etc) candies and money are thrown to the heroes of the occasion. Children happily gather the scattered candies. It’s believed that gathered sweets bring luck.

First settlements in this area appeared in the IX-X c. BC. In the VIIc. BC the area became inhabited with Saka and later Usun tribes, as proved by the kurgans – burial mounds – of “sakas tsars”.

An excursion route starts from the central part of the city Almaty. You’ll get acquainted with the history of origin and evolution of the southern capital of Kazakhstan, also you would see its main sights: the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the residence of the President, Republic Square and the Monument of Independence, the Abay Kazakh State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, Astana square, the Railway Station, the Central Mosque, the Green Bazaar, the Park of the 28 Panfilov’s guardsmen, Abay Square and the Palace of Republic.

“Welcome to Almaty” – the phrase that citizens say with a great pleasure. Hospitality runs in the blood of Kazakh people. The hospitality if the country shaped its history. At first there were nomads and traditional guests honoring. Later the modern history was added to these traditions. The country has survived several waives of exiles, evacuations, mass exodus from hunger, but despite any religion, nationality or language people were always welcomed here.