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Almaty is the culinary capital of the Central Asia

About 1000 restaurants and cafes
More than 15 types of national cuisines

You should definitely try the Beshbarmak – main dish of Kazakh cuisine. Tender boiled horse meat and lamb served with thinly rolled by hand and cooked in a broth of the dough pieces. Very hearty and delicious – simply Yum – all five!
Kuyrdak – hot dish made of fried chopped heart, liver and lungs.
Sorpa – broth, sometimes with kurt (dried salty cheese).
Kazi – a delicacy, a traditional sausage made from horse meat. Indispensable attribute of the holiday table.
Baursaks – soft-fried donuts from sour dough of wheat flour.
Koumiss – the most famous drink Kazakhs, it did more than 5000 years ago – the milk of mares, which is fermented in a special way. Rich in nutrients, amino acids and vitamins, mare on the right is a drink Kazakhs, bringing ease stomach and improving mood. For more than 200 years Kumis used as medicinal drink, which returns a person courage and strength, improves digestion and is a good appetite.
Shubat – fermented drink made from camel milk. Very useful and rich in vitamins C, D.