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«Kinopark 4 3D»
Cinema has a unique design and a high level of comfort.
Number of rooms: 4 (2, 3 Rooms — digital (3D))
Number of seats: 584, there are places for people with disabilities.

Almaty, st. Abaya, 109, corner. st. Auezov, IFC «Globus» 2nd floor
8 (727) 356-1010 (answering machine) 356-10-05 (for information)

«Kinopark 11 IMAX 3D»
Almaty, Prospect. Al-Farabi, 77/8, SEC Esentai Mall

8-701-762-42-11, 8-727-331-10-11

Kazakhstan’s largest 11-screen cinema with large-format cinema KinoPark system and IMAX 3D.

Opening date: 25 October 2012

Area Theater — 8500 m
Number of seats: 2144
1 — IMAX 3D
2,3,4,7 — Digital Projector NEC, 2D; 4 demonstration of films in the original language.
5 — Digital Projector NEC 4K, 3D MasterImage; 3D sound (Channel 23.1) — Dolby Atmos
6 — Digital Projector NEC, 3D MasterImage
8.9 — Digital Projector NEC, 3D MasterImage; 3Dzvuk (13.1 channels) — IMM-sound.
10 — Hall of increased comfort. Digital Projector NEC, 3D MasterImage; 3D sound (13.1 channels) — IMM-sound.
11 — Super VIP room.
Digital Projector NEC, 3D MasterImage; 3Dzvuk (13.1 channels) — IMM-sound.

IMAX hall — a new screen, designed by the geometry of the room and covered with a silver-plated (provides crystal-clear three-dimensional image) is a new system with the laser alignment of sound, which together give a unique and improved means for transmitting visual and audio effects.
This you have not seen!

«Kinopark 6 3D»
Almaty, md. Mamyr-1, 8A, SEC «Sputnik», 3rd floor