Gates of Tuyuk Su

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Sometimes it is a happiness to go out of city and just go with friends for a walk in the park. Or you can risk a little and get much more. Simple pure joy and tranquility in the mountains. There is a place with the fabulous name «Gates of Tuyuk Su» in Ile Alatau. «Tuyuk su» in Kazakh literally means «closed water»; dictionary gives the meaning: «standing water»; in our context it should be the meaning of such a «the river bounded on both sides». unimaginable power mudslides with a monstrous roar had swept this way for thousands of years, sometimes they had come to the present location of the center of Almaty and left there formidable monuments in the form of huge boulders run – for example, near the hotel «Kazakhstan». Estonians made a film «Hotel» at Dead Mountaineer» by the detective fiction novel of Strugatsky in these places, in the last century. Circus of Tuyuksu glacier is the upper portion of the basin of Small Almatinka, flowing from the northern slope of Ile Alatau. Since 1958 till today Tuyuksu glacier lost about 57 million cubic meters of ice. Earlier it reached a length of three kilometers, but now only 2 km. The glacier is melting rapidly as temperature in the mountains increases by an average of 2 degrees each year.

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