National Parks

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Kolsay Lake — one of the most beautiful places in the Kazakh nature. They are located at 1800, 2250 and 2700 meters above sea level. They are distinguished by a unique watershed mountain landscape, consisting of three natural zones, and a variety of rare plants and animals. Kolsay lake called the pearl of the Northern […]

There is a highway from Almaty to the lake, on which it’s possible to travel by bicycle. On the way you can also see springs and waterfalls of Bear gorge. There is also a pedestrian path to the lake, starting in the place of serpentine beginning. Walking tour requires some physical training and estimated on 2 hour hiking up the hill.

National park “Altyn-Emel” is along the right bank of the river Ili, 250 km to the north-west of Almaty. There are different types of terrain here – from sandy deserts to mountain ranges. Here is also “the Singing Barchan”, 150 meters high, which sand, at the wind, starts making a peculiar sound resembling to organ.

National park “Shatyn” is situated in the valley of the river of the same name, about 200 km to the east of Almaty. The canyon, located here, is an amazing work of nature, which is more than 12 million years and which is the second in size after the Grand Canyon in Colorado (USA).